I’ve worked from home for twenty years. When the kids were young and during summer holidays, I took a coffee to the car and worked on the drive.
In two hour slots, did admin and emails when they were in bed, took them to the beach on stormy afternoons.

Had duvet mornings with them, they had the TV, I had a laptop. Both are now grown up and tell me how wonderful their childhood was. Meanwhile burn the little tikes out, make them climb trees, run naked around the garden. Make mud pies in a storm. You can make it work, not easily but you can.

Meanwhile, fuck work. Make it fit, change your model of work, retrain your clients, only respond to emails once a day, but respond.

Drop most social media to once a day, keep a journal, review it.

Meditate, walk. Remember you only get to do this life once.

Fuck the money, be more Buddhist, let stuff go, you’ll be surprised how much urgent stuff solves itself, like magic.

Never ever respond to something today, always put it on your list, you do have a list?

If you don’t how the fuck do you know what you should be doing, you won’t remember- your mind is far to busy talking shit to you- yeah that inner voice,

Don’t rely on that much…

Happy Sunday.