Eventually this ends.

Not all businesses will make it.

Not all consumers will make it.

We will come out the other side and our world will be different.

Now we should be working on a new ways of doing business. Government will not save you, in the same way is has not saved or served business so far.

Taxation will increase, more levies and charges. They are certain.

Sure, some high end firms may die as some mid and low end firms have already.

In the main, the consumers will return. The battery in your smoke alarm, the one you replaced in 2020 and won’t now need replacing until 2025 will trigger this memory, the memory of today – it will all change, most of it won’t.

If you think carefully (most people can’t) you will know that change is a constant. Everything changes all of the time.

What doesn’t is our relationships, our customer data and connections. Our families, making the best use of our time. All of these stay the same.

These are things that prove we are alive. Your current business, your current way of doing business – none of that is the same, will be the same. Get used to it.

But, lets be nice, lets be positive, lets be mindful, lets be cool with others even if they treat us badly. Lets call our the racists, the patriarchy, the utter bastards in this life. Like the politicians that won’t answer a question, they won’t last forever they never do.

So, go back to what you do well in whatever way you can, learn some new stuff, really interact with your customers, really engage with them – in the present moment. Work out what they want and then make them happy – sell ’em summat.

2021 will pass, like 2020 did. Our small businesses will survive or die, we’ll reinvent. Find something new and exciting, our children and partners will love us for it. If you just stay true to yourself, to your mission. Build that web presence, create that podcast, build that email list and use it.

The future really is what you make it – and choose to make it epic. I’m relying on you.

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