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    If I said to you “lets improve something in your business by 1%”

    You’d probably think – “what’s the point”?

    I can’t do anything with it.

    Such a small amount of money, such a small change.

    Nah. I won’t bother. And, that is what most small business do.

    They can’t be bothered.

    It won’t help me. ‘Jeez my problems are bigger than that’. I’ll stay where I am thanks.

    That my friend is your first mistake. See, I work with with small and micro businesses that want to improve, want to make it a bit easier.

    For crying out loud the last few months have been tough enough.

    So what about you? Would you like to sit back in a years time and say ‘pleased I met that man now’ – ‘he’s given me a lot’ – ‘we’ve changed some little things but the income, the profits, the time out of the office have all been great’.

    Would you like to have that conversation with yourself, with your wife or business partners?

    Perfect, we are on the same page.

    I have worked with small firms on the business development side of things for over thirty years. I have built and sold one business and now I work as a freelance – business development guy. Mainly for personal reasons.

    That’s not a suited and booted, report writing job. I don’t sit in your office and analyse stuff. I work with you, to let you know how things could change, both in your personal life and in your business life.

    I work with you on the 1%, changing things without breaking them. Improving your cash flow, your profits, your customer retention, your presence online, your lead generation.

    Sure I can deal with things like marketing, search, your money, your sales processes, your suppliers, your problem customers. Basically, if you have a business problem, or you want to increase sales, improve your profits. I have a range of solutions for you.

    I’m also damn good at sorting out admin – those piles of paper, that stuff that is just not getting done.

    I do all of that – one percent at a time.

    1% per month is £12% per year or £60% every five years.

    Less problems, increased sales , more profits.

    It’s really that simple.

    Before the proverbial hits the fan in your business, get in touch. I can start very soon, and the sooner we start the sooner you’ll get the result.