Online Shops – Are For Every Business.

Provided you are looking to reach deeper into your market place – and at the same time increase sales at no or little cost – then this is most certainly for you.

Your 2019 may have been excellent. But with more uncertainty in the mix there is a grave danger that 2020 is going to bring more of the same,  the same people moaning about the same old stuff and not dealing with the things you should be dealing with – if you’re a moaner – this isn’t for you.

And that was before Covid-19 made an appearance.

So, you want to make more sales, ship more product and be able to promote your products to more people, and have the chance to sell something while sleeping soundly – then you are in the right. Bear with me – let me explain why need to get this working right now.

E-commerce | Shopping on-line | Click and Collect | Social Sales | Joint Venture Partnerships |

Evidence is – not having at least one of these will be ruining your business – like taking a well looked after cow and mincing it into cheap greasy burgers. Facts…

Consumers now prefer online – 51% UK consumers prefer to shop online other than in-store.

Consumers  – like to browse – if they come into your shop – you have to be there. Only 13 percent of UK consumers knew exactly what product they want to buy every time they visit an e-commerce website  – even less when in store.

Social Selling Shortens Buying Time. Ecommerce orders from social media grew a staggering 202% in 2017. Social conversions have  continued to skyrocket since then as people spend more of their browsing time on mobile devices. You thought social media was for kids, and weirdo’s didn’t you?

 Having an online shop is now a must have feature for all businesses.  But getting around to sorting one of those out is just too much for many  – which is why I set out to solve the problem. Thing is, if you read the above you’ll note that it’s not just the online shop – it’s the stuff around the edges – the awkward bits – the ability to raise your profile and sell more. The reason many of the big brands are in trouble with  consumer organisations is because their online activity works. It could be working for you.

In the past you also had ‘pain worse than piles’ when working with the local web designer – I’ve solved that and reduced the cost.

There more than an outside chance that many parts of your biz  are not working like they were – or perhaps you feel the need to create something bespoke for those top end customers – those who spend the mega bucks on the same shizzle your pond life customers whine at.  

Either way you need to deliver your message to them and be available – and that’s hard if you are you are in a fixed place of sale – you know that the internet changes all of that doing stuff online – like it or not is the way forward.

This Very Old Fact Is True

30 years ago, factory workers began to be displaced by machines and cheap foreign labor. The worker cost £6.50 per hour but the robot only cost £1.50 per hour. Anyone willing to work for £1.50 per hour? Lots of business owners are doing just that.

Today, retail sales are being replaced by websites and media, with automation. Imagine for a moment that you were a door to door salesman (they were quite common even twenty years ago) how would you ever compete with Amazon, or  an online bookstore like Abebooks or even Smiths?

Yet, some are doing very well – but you the small biz owner just don’t have the ten grand to throw at a full blown – e-commerce operation and then have to pay the web guy to make updates and changes for an hourly rate every week.  And then there is the need to compete with Wowcher, Groupon, Argos  or even Waitrose/Sainsburys or the discounters.

What about your trade sales?  They are human too and want things made easy. Every competitors wants to take your share of the market – to put it’s size nine on your windpipe – and slowly choke of your breath. OK, perhaps not dead – but crushed.

Let me tell you what one client said – Colin Palmer “I couldn’t believe my luck! Here I was talking to someone who knew what he was talking about, could cut through the ‘white noise’ and also spoke my language; and he understood exactly what I wanted.”

Let me tell you again – online is where it’s at – if you ain’t got a presence for your customers buy when they want you are losing out.  Below – ONS figures.

Source ONS

With all of that in mind and my twenty odd years of working with small firms.  I decided to reinvent the whole thing  – sure, you can ship your producsts on Ebay/Amazon/Shopify  but all of these are controlled by them – not by you. Small firms need control more than anything. So I decided to work with a new team |   invested my own cash creating a solution for business owners.

Small business owners like that  want full control over their online experience, but also want to sell stuff, want to make sure Google treats them fairly and builds in the social options. But also builds in email and full online shopping vouchers, coupons, flash sales, budget payments. Importantly  it provides the tools to engage with your customers and potential customers. You get the options you choose.

  1. Automate sales – works for your 24/7
  2. Make ‘sharing’ an easy option
  3. Additional tools – direct mail and sms if required
  4. Puts in place ‘budget payment’ options for bigger sales – get paid in advance
  5. Frees up your time to promote and sell – provide service
  6. Flash sales | Online Coupons | Direct Marketing | Social Selling | Refer a friend
  7. Fixed costs – no surpises
  8. Secure – no issues at all with GDPR – really – sorted it.

Why should you listen to me?

I built my first online shop in 2000 – selling oversized, imported Italian shoes. I’ve spent twenty years working with financial services professionals improve their online presence and I have a team that helps me create ‘effective’ websites. I’m a bit of a geek (some would say freak) – for the last twenty years I’ve been saying that this ‘internet thing’ will change everything and it has. I also wrote a really geeky book about pensions – it’s called the Great British Pension Swindle – it’s on Amazon. I understand the complexity of modern small business and its engagement with the internet – but for a retail business the internet is like the size nine on your throat, if it pushes hard enough you’ll die.

Perhaps your online plans are going wrong or there are some e-commerce fires that just ain’t burning as bright as they should. Sadly, a lot of small businesses end up spending a small fortune on things that just don’t deliver. There is a good chance that you’ve already spent good money on websites and marketing that just hasn’t worked and in retail this is becoming harder and harder as the shopping pound gets drawn online more and more. But – it is solvable, you do have a choice.

  • Are you really confident that you can make your biz really profitable this year?
  • Are you sure that your customers are spending what they could with you instead of elsewhere?
  • Are you able to promote and sell, encourage your existing customers to come back for more?

 Provided you can answer yes to all of those then you don’t need me if it’s a no then there is a good chance that you are missing opportunities to sell more.

You have two options now, the first is to get the short course – really valuable – get shizzle sorted stuff on where marketing/sales are now. What’s working, what’s not.  Link below. If you are ready to move and get this set up, drop me an email with a good time to call – don’t bother phoning me  -without an appointment as I rarely pick up  – but do drop me an email using this form, give me your name, best number, best time and day to call and we can chat – I’ll give you thirty minutes and we can both decide if what I have will help – and you can decide if we are a fit.

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I give this information away knowing that most of you won’t take any action, won’t do anything with it – for those that do take some action will find that their business changes very quickly.  

I don’t need to remind you that those who got  stuff right a few years back managed to survive and thrive – think Argos or Amazon – those that got it wrong Woolworths – Poundland.  But, you know what, it would have been easy for anyone of these to have gone the other way. Moving part of your selling machine online makes more sense than ever – but you must do it at a sustainable price – got some good news there for you.

If there is any chance that one on this list could help.

  • Automation of sales
  • Social and search marketing improvement
  • Facebook/Google paid ads
  • Email marketing and brand building
  • No/poor or worse incomplete e-shops
  • No budget payment facility (paid up front for bigger orders)

 When you look around your office today ask if anyone has the skills needed to be able to solve all of these problems with you, in a way that makes sense. If you have, perfect you’ll be flying in no time.

If that’s not the case and things seem to be a bit slow and your with your use of technology and systems is not good and you still  want to get ahead – welcome to my world, this is what I do.

 I’ll help you solve those issues once and for all, no long term commitment – I don’t want a job. But I do want to make sure you get the absolute truth about moving forward. I make e-commerce easy – with a money back guarantee on all work, at a fifth of the quoted by the local web designer, more importantly I’ll show you how to really make it work – or your money back. 

Contact me on this page Contact me on this page

Get it done today, the sooner we schedule a call the sooner you can have this working.


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