Working From Home…2020

I’ve worked from home for twenty years. When the kids were young and during summer holidays, I took a coffee to the car and worked on the drive.
In two hour slots, did admin and emails when they were in bed, took them to the beach on stormy afternoons.

Had duvet mornings with them, they had the TV, I had a laptop. Both are now grown up and tell me how wonderful their childhood was. Meanwhile burn the little tikes out, make them climb trees, run naked around the garden. Make mud pies in a storm. You can make it work, not easily but you can.

Meanwhile, fuck work. Make it fit, change your model of work, retrain your clients, only respond to emails once a day, but respond.

Drop most social media to once a day, keep a journal, review it.

Meditate, walk. Remember you only get to do this life once.

Fuck the money, be more Buddhist, let stuff go, you’ll be surprised how much urgent stuff solves itself, like magic.

Never ever respond to something today, always put it on your list, you do have a list?

If you don’t how the fuck do you know what you should be doing, you won’t remember- your mind is far to busy talking shit to you- yeah that inner voice,

Don’t rely on that much…

Happy Sunday.

Coronavirus – Small Business in 2020

Before Coronavirus many micro-businesses were under pressure and not sure how to move forward and solve the ‘more business’ problem and the ‘lack of profit’ problem. Two things that being more ninja solves.

Fortune acts as she pleases.
Once you understand what this means you’ll notice that it’s all around you, a fortune just waiting to be had, to be claimed by someone.

It may be a product or service that’s missing from the market, perhaps even more of your product that the market is just not buying at the moment. This saying ‘fortune acts…’ is the one thing that remains outside of your control.

See, you can’t make people buy what you have or do things in a way that suits or helps you. It just doesn’t work that way.

You could have the best widget, the greatest service in your industry and it means nothing until you get someone to buy, and then you can prove to them that your truth really is.

This is the reason I offer ‘money back guarantees’ or you could do a ‘try before you buy’ or a ‘free sample’ – even then with no risk to them upfront most people still won’t react – fortune does act as she pleases.

There is absolutely no possibility of you being able to know in advance how other people are going to act or react. All you can do is act in advance with an expectation that they will respond.

You cannot control other people’s actions.

Once you accept this and be more zen about your whole business process everything changes – you go from being an unwanted seller of your thing – to an educator of your market. You become a tell’er instead of a seller. Your whole approach changes, internally you accept that not everyone can afford what you have and not everyone wants what you do.

In your own mind it all changes. Now you start to accept that not everyone will buy and you can then work on finding those that will, those that are more inclined to…

It’s the same issue with small business administration. The little things that make the difference, paying bills on time, know how much you have in the bank, knowing what your liabilities are at any one time, reducing your costs at every stage, questioning what you do and how you do it, all make more sense now.

Whilst you may think that the admin function is just that and then start to look closely at how the administration of your business makes all the difference. How the tiny things make a massive difference.

Just a ‘half percent’ better now means 5% over ten years, if you are turning over £100k then that’s £5k every ten years, 2% is £20k. This is how things work.

The small things make a difference, the tiny actions now that are done consistently is what makes the difference.

Admin is important – the gains you can get by doing admin are just as great as they can be from increasing sales.

These are the things that I help you with, these are the small business problems I solve over here and SBN.

More money
More freedom
More time

When you’re ready to get a shimmy on with these things get in touch and I’ll give you my best advice.

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