You want more enquiries. more leads and more sales from your online presence?

You want to position yourself post Covid -19 to move forward rapidly?

If your answer to those questions are yes.

Then I have some ideas for you.

One of these is below.

I work with small firms, usually turning over less than £400k per year – that want to be doing more, want more time, want to do business differently r, want to improve cashflow, profits and their mental health – let’s be honest business has never been easy but the last 12 months has been awkward to say the very least.

Covid -19 for small business is like the plug being taken out of a nice warm bath on a winters day – it was nice and cosy – now it’s not.

Important – watch the short video then do something with the information. If you are not sure or stuck, then send us an email, we can arrange to speak. No commitment, no charge, no damn sales pitch, we are all to shy for one of those,

Before I give you some further evidence – here is a short presentation about the real issues small businesses face in 2021 and in the text to follow I show you something that is working now and something we can help you with.

This is one of the most effective things you can for your business marketing/your online presence in 2021.

For a few minutes, put your cynicism in your pocket and watch this. In the video I talk about Google My Business which is one of the most powerful tools you can use to improve how people find you. If you do it, it will work.

If you need help with it, then watch, read on and get in touch.

Google My Business – is a tool most have heard of – but few businesses make a good use of it.

Two of our clients have done wonders, with our help.

Client 1

Client 1


Client 1 – How many turn into leads or enquiries.

Client 2

2500 views on the top of Google and 900 on Google Maps

9 telephone calls and 55 visitors.

These sort of results are very common when we manage online content for our clients.

We are a tiny agency working with small businesses – that want to get enquiries from your local area. One of the tools we use is Google My Business.

You may have noticed this at the top of the results the last time you were looking for something online.

This is how we make it work for you. Of course if you want you can do this yourself – the video above shows you how to do it.

It is one of the most powerful tools you can have online, it’s at least better than having an expensive website that no one visits.

Over here at Small Business Ninja we help small firms grow using a range of Digital Tools – but not in a complex, spend thousands kind of way but using a number of easy to use tools and a done with you service.

What Nikki Hobbs said about one of our team …. “I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking to increase the success of their business.”

Quite simply, if you want more leads from your local area you have to be doing it online – because that is where most of your new customers start. Google My Business is the starting point in finding new customers – just look at the stats above, you can see how powerful it is.

When you are ready to get a move on with this, get in touch. We’ll provide you with some more information and a summary of what we can do for you.

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I can send you some bonus stuff on this. Email us below and we can arrange to talk, if there is something I can do for you we can move from there.

Looking forward to it.