Lead Generation Tools For Local Business.

If your business is just not getting the right kind of leads then you need to know about the ‘new’ natural way using

Google My Business


Doing business in a natural way is possible, instead of fighting with the search engines and trying yo promoting your products using social media it is  possible for you to simply drop your offer in front of potential customers, easily and without any complexity. This is what I call Natural Marketing – it is the modern way to promote any product or service.

I work with small firms that work in local markets to do just that.

Most of my clients don’t believe they can generate leads online and some don’t even sell things online, but this natural method makes sense for all of us to be using and it works, my proof of that is below.

Provided you want to position yourself and your business in the right place as this Covid -19 situation moves slowly forward,  and you want to take control of what, when and how to move forward then I have something for you. 

Fact is, our world. The world of business has changed. But, these are the things I am doing with my customers now, this is currently working. If you’d like more of the same then we should at least speak let me outline where I can help you. 

So, if that appeals to you, seems like it makes sense and you want to be doing more business in your local area I can help. Then drop me an email on the form below and we can arrange to talk, I can then see if I can do that same for you. 


Below I talk about one of the most effective things you can do for your business marketing/your online presence in 2021. 

For a few minutes, put your cynicism in your pocket and watch this. In the video I talk about Google My Business which is one of the most powerful tools you can use to improve how people find you. If you do it, it will work. More importantly it is natural, it pulls customers towards you instead of pushing.



You have to take some action on this if your small business is  going to survive the post Covid -19 world.

Important – if you’ve watched the video and understood it then do something with the information. If you are not sure or stuck, then send me an email, we can arrange to speak. No commitment, no charge, no  sales pitch.  Just get in touch.


Google My Business – is a tool most have heard of – but few businesses make a good use of it.


Two of my clients have done wonders, with it, despite the last year.


Client 1



Client 1     2400 views.



Client 1 – How many turn into leads or enquiries.


2500 views on the top of Google and 900 on Google Maps


9 telephone calls and 55 visitors.


These sort of results are very common when I manage online content for my clients


 You may have noticed this at the top of the results the last time you were looking for something online.




This is how we make it work for you. Of course if you want you can do this yourself – the video above shows you how to do it.

It is one of the most powerful tools you can have online, it’s at least better than having an expensive website that no one visits.

 Over here at Small Business Ninja we help small firms grow using a range of Digital Tools – but not in a complex, spend thousands kind of way but using a number of easy to use tools and a done with you service.


What Nikki Hobbs said about one of our team …. “I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking to increase the success of their business.”



Quite simply, if you want more leads from your local area you have to be doing it online – because that is where most of your new customers start. Google My Business is the starting point in finding new customers – just look at the stats above, you can see how powerful it is.


  • Fixed price service – no surprises ever.
  • A Money Back Guarantee on all work – if we don’t deliver you don’t pay.
  • A personal, and friendly service 


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