As a Small Business Owner in 2019 you have probably noticed that things are not working like they once were – 2019 is likely to be no better – with a whole load of shizzle coming down the road.

I’d like to help you and your business – not only by improving your numbers (thirty years in financial services) and of late ten years of digital marketing and online business development, but by helping you cash in on your most valuable assets: your customer base and your financial assets. Both of which are full of stuff you can leverage. Leverage means more income/profits for doing seemingly less – working smarter not harder.

Importantly I’ve created a brand new series of systems that will help you sell more, share more and compete with the big players. The kind of thing they spend many tens of thousands on – to get a message out – is now available to you and your business. 

And before I go any further, I don’t want you to spend any ‘hard-earned’ or waste time on stuff – so I’ve created a short email series –

The 9 Sacred Sales and Business Cows ” – and I slaughter them all.

It’s at no cost to you, just a few seconds of time needed to drop your best email into the box below.   But it does contain the wisdom of the small business sages – and my own experience.

What Nikki Hobbs said about me …. “I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking to increase the success of their business.”

Here are the things you should be working on.

Leverage Your Customers and Your Money to Survive.

The big problem in 2019 – many business owners think they can keep doing shizzle in the same way – and get results. Truth is – go look at the high street and see what’s happening – that’s the truth. Go look at your pension statement or personal investments – both have been trashed by recent falls in the markets.  Now more than ever the trust that must exist before a sale happens, now more than ever you need to look at your long-term planning very differently.

Opportunity One

Do you know why your customer base is so valuable?   Of course, you do — they are the people most likely to buy from you in the future because they’ve bought from you before.

Opportunity Two

Use the available technology to leverage and increase sales.

Opportunity Three

Do you know why your cash and investable assets are so valuable?

These three opportunities are the key to making money – in the modern business marketplace. You do have to be more ninja.

Ninja – taken from two Japanese words ‘nin and ja’ means to move stealthily, to conceal – doing the same as everyone else means you getting the same results as them.

By leveraging them you can benefit from an exponential increase in the overall returns.

Let’s say you have a grand banked, at 2% per year you end up with £1105 over five years. At 5% you end up with £1283 which is a whopping 17% more – which would you rather have?

And here is the rub, I’ve spent the last few years working with firms that need to grow, but in a way that doesn’t come at a stupid cost, nor that is so complex no one understands. Importantly, working out how your business and your personal planning merge – because they always do.

Note: No one will call, your data is secure and not shared, this site is secure and hosted within a secure data centre, surrounded by a dozen or more MOD trained Rottweilers

Even if you decide not to work with me you can keep the information and use it to grow your business.  Of course, we’ll part friends and you’ll be wiser.


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